About Training Services NSW


Training Services NSW in the NSW Department of Education is responsible for government-funded vocational education and training (VET) in NSW.

It leads strategic policy, planning, funding, regulation and advice on VET to support economic, regional and community development.

Training Services NSW is responsible for the implementation of funded programs, including Smart and Skilled, apprenticeships and traineeships and adult and community education. It undertakes contract management of approved Smart and Skilled training providers and implements quality assurance and performance monitoring to achieve the best possible outcomes for students.

It also offers a one-stop shop for vocational education advice, information and services in NSW.

Apprenticeships and traineeships

Training Services NSW regulates the apprenticeship and traineeship system in NSW.

It assesses, approves and administers apprenticeships and traineeships. It monitors the quality of on-the-job training and compliance of employers, apprentices and trainees. It advises and assists employers, apprentices and trainees and provides a mediation and dispute resolution service. It issues apprenticeship and traineeship certificates. It also provides a free job-matching service for employers, apprentices and trainees through the Continuing Apprentices Placement Service (CAPS).

Training Services NSW centres

Training Services NSW has six regional and four Sydney metropolitan centres that service the needs of local employers, training providers and individuals.

The centres play a key role in implementing training provider quality assurance, offering consumer advice and support in their local areas and providing quality assurance of regulatory requirements for apprenticeships and traineeships.

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Page last updated: 28 April 2021