Smart and Skilled supports quality training in NSW


Students who take up government-subsidised training in NSW each year have a right to expect that their course:

  • meets national standards
  • is tailored to their learning needs
  • assists participation in society
  • is relevant to jobs and workplaces
  • is regarded well by employers.

The NSW Quality Framework

Training Services NSW has developed the NSW Quality Framework – in consultation with training providers and industry – to ensure the quality of training under Smart and Skilled.

The Quality Framework promotes excellence, transparency and innovation by training providers. It establishes the benchmark for quality under Smart and Skilled, setting out principles that:

  • support strong regulation in tandem with the national regulator, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)
  • promote excellence in teaching and leadership
  • give consumers clear avenues for complaint
  • seek feedback from students and employers on training outcomes
  • give consumers the information they need to make training decisions
  • engage industry in defining priorities and driving quality.

Approved training providers

Training providers approved to deliver Smart and Skilled courses must meet strict contractual criteria. They have clear requirements and performance standards, which reflect the NSW Department of Education's processes for managing performance and dealing with quality issues.

Download the NSW Quality Framework from Training Services NSW.

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Performance Monitoring of Training Providers under Smart and Skilled

Performance monitoring is carried out to support training providers in the continuous improvement of Smart and Skilled subsidised training delivery and in meeting their contractual obligations.

Performance monitoring aims to:

  • Confirm delivery of the training subsidised by government
  • Support ongoing contractual compliance and ensure training is of a high standard
  • Establish benchmarks for continuous improvement

Where monitoring identifies serious breaches, the Department may suspend a provider's Smart and Skilled contract. This generally means that:

  • The provider cannot enrol new Smart and Skilled students but is able to continue to train existing students
  • The provider has an opportunity to respond to the findings of the performance monitoring
  • Following an assessment of the findings and the provider's response a decision is made to either:
    • Lift the suspension
    • Lift the suspension with conditions
    • Terminate the contract

Serious breaches that can lead to a termination of a provider's Smart and Skilled contract include ongoing issues related to the delivery of training and assessment, and making claims for training that has not been delivered.

You can find more information on Smart and Skilled Contract compliance.

View the list of training providers who have had their Smart and Skilled contracts terminated.

If you are a student who is affected by the termination of a training provider's Smart and Skilled Contract, there are options to continue your training with another registered training organisation. Download the How to continue training fact sheet [Pdf 245KB].

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Page last updated: 21 January  2020