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For Students - draftspersonSmart and Skilled qualifications are subsidised by the NSW Government. Eligible students can choose from hundreds of qualifications, from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma.

Smart and Skilled training covers apprenticeships and most new-entrant traineeships, although it excludes VET courses in schools.

To find out if you're eligible for Smart and Skilled training, go to the Are you eligible? page.

More information about Smart and Skilled Fee-Free Scholarships.

Find a Smart and Skilled course and training provider

You can find the right Smart and Skilled course and approved training provider for you using the Course Finder. This gives you important information about your chosen course to help you enrol. Find the right Smart and Skilled course and training provider.

How much will your Smart and Skilled training cost you?

If you're eligible for government-subsidised training under Smart and Skilled, you pay only a portion of the training cost. Use the Course Finder to estimate your fee. Please also note that Smart and Skilled fees are set for the whole qualification. They are not annual fees. How much will your Smart and Skilled training cost you?

How to enrol in a Smart and Skilled course

To enrol in a Smart and Skilled course, you'll need to check your eligibility, find the right course and approved Smart and Skilled training provider, get an estimate of your fee and obtain a unique student identifier (USI). How to enrol in a Smart and Skilled course.

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Training for disadvantaged students

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students, students with disabilities and their dependants may qualify for fee exemptions when they enrol in Smart and Skilled training. Students receiving Australian Government welfare benefits and the dependants of welfare recipients may qualify for concession fees when they enrol in Smart and Skilled training. Smart and Skilled training for disadvantaged students.

Apprenticeships and traineeships

All NSW apprentices and most new-entrant trainees are eligible for a government subsidy under Smart and Skilled for the qualification that supports their apprenticeship or traineeship. Smart and Skilled apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications.

Under the NSW Government fee-free apprenticeship initiative, NSW apprentices that commence their training on or after 1 July 2018 may be eligible for fee free training. For more information, go to For eligible apprentices there will be no requirement to pay the fee.

Consumer protection for students

As a student, you're protected by the complaints-handling procedures that all approved Smart and Skilled training providers must have in place. Training Services NSW is also a central point for students to seek assistance or make a complaint. Consumer protection for students.

Are your existing skills recognised under Smart and Skilled?

If you have recognised skills and knowledge, or have completed units of competency that can be credited to your Smart and Skilled course, your student fee is reduced. Recognising your existing skills under Smart and Skilled.

Questions about Smart and Skilled training?

To find out more about Smart and Skilled training, check out the Answers to Questions that people often ask.

FAQs for Students - fee-free apprenticeships

View frequently asked questions about fee-free apprenticeships.

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Page last updated: 18 June 2018