What to ask your training provider before you enrol


When you first contact a training provider to enquire about government-subsidised training, you may want to ask questions about:

  • the course details (e.g. where and how it is delivered)
  • the enrolment process
  • your eligibility
  • your fees (including any concessions or exemptions)
  • any additional support the training provider offers.

The questions below may help you make the best choice in selecting a training provider.

Fees, exemptions, concessions and additional costs

  • How much will my course fee be?
  • Am I eligible for a fee exemption or concession? If so, what documents or evidence do I need to provide for this?
  • How do I pay my fee? Is it in one lump sum or instalments?
  • Are you a VET Student Loans approved training provider? (Only for students interested in doing Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualifications.)
  • Are there additional costs I should know about?
  • What's your policy on fee refunds?

Note: It's important to find out whether you're eligible for a fee exemption or concession when you first speak with the training provider. Your course fee cannot be changed after you have enrolled.

About the course

  • How will the training be offered? Face-to-face in a classroom or in the workplace? By correspondence? Online? Or a mix of these?
  • If the training is face-to-face, what is the venue address?
  • When does the training start and when will it end?
  • Where the course is delivered in a classroom, how is it offered? Full-time? Part-time? How many days a week, and on which days, would I need to attend training?
  • Is the course offered outside normal business hours?

Student support

  • Do you offer extra learning support for reading, writing and numeracy if I need it?
  • What additional services do you offer to students? (e.g. child care, parking, career counselling.)
  • What support services do you offer to students with additional needs? (e.g. students with disabilities.)
  • Can you describe your consumer protection policy?

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Page last updated: 26 July 2017