Smart and Skilled training for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students


If you're a NSW Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) person, you must meet the eligibility conditions to enrol in Smart and Skilled training. View Are you eligible for Smart and Skilled training?

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What about student fees?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who are eligible are exempt from fees for any Smart and Skilled courses.

Proof of eligibility for a fee exemption

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students prove their status and eligibility for a fee exemption through descent, self-identification and community identification.

You may be asked to declare your status and provide documentary evidence of community identification.

Additional support

There are a number of ways to access support as an ATSI student:

  • Ask your approved Smart and Skilled training providers what additional support they can provide to you as an ATSI student. All approved Smart and Skilled training providers receive additional funding  for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and for learners in regional and remote areas.
  • TAFE NSW and approved Adult and Community Education (ACE) providers are able to provide additional services that help ATSI students to access and succeed in their training.
  • TAFE NSW and approved ACE providers can support students who want to improve their reading, writing and numeracy skills.
  • TAFE NSW may offer specific qualifications in Aboriginal languages.

Other support services

  • Training Services NSW Aboriginal Services team can advise and help on vocational training pathways and apprenticeships and traineeships.
  • The New Careers for Aboriginal People (NCAP) program has Aboriginal employment advisors who can help ATSI people with career planning, resume writing, training advice, job referrals, interview preparation and mentoring support.
  • The Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer (AEDO) program also employs Aboriginal business advisors who help ATSI clients set up a business, with advice on business plans, small business training, ongoing business support and mentoring.

For more information on Aboriginal support services, call 13 28 11, email, or visit Aboriginal Services, Training Services NSW.

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Page last updated: 20 January 2020