Consumer protection information for Smart and Skilled training providers


Approved Smart and Skilled training providers must comply with the Smart and Skilled Consumer Protection Policy.

This policy includes the requirements for a consumer protection and complaints handling.

Training provider obligations

A Smart and Skilled training provider has obligations that include but are not limited to:

  • providing the training and support necessary to allow a consumer to achieve competency
  • providing a quality training and assessment experience for all consumers
  • ensuring their organsiation, staff and agents meet public expectations of ethical behavior at all times
  • conducting marketing activities with integrity, accuracy and transparency and without financial incentives or other inducements to consumers
  • ensuring prospective consumers are properly informed about their subsisdised training entitlements, their fees and their responsibilities and obligations
  • providing a clear and accessible feedback and consumer protection system including an identified consumer protection officer
  • maintaining procedures for protecting a consumer’s personal information.

For more information refer to the Smart and Skilled Consumer Protection Policy

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Page last updated: 25 March 2021