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CPP20319 Certificate II in

Technical Security

Full time duration: up to 1 year ­  Your fee estimate*:

This is a qualification for security technicians who sell, install, repair, service and maintain security equipment and systems that protect people and property and prevent or minimise loss and damage.

Technicians at this level operate under general supervision and interact with clients to perform installation, repair, service and maintenance tasks at client premises. Occupational titles may include:

  • access control technician
  • installation technician
  • security salesperson
  • service technician.
  • Licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to advising on, supplying, installing, maintaining, monitoring, repairing and servicing security equipment in some states and territories. For further information, check with the relevant regulatory authority.

    All cabling work, including telephone, data, fire and security alarm systems cabling, that connects with the telecommunications network must be performed by a registered cabler or under the direct supervision of a registered cabler as required by the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) cabling provider rules. For further information on cabling registration requirements, check with ACMA.

    Some units within this qualification require open cabling registration under the ACMA cabling provider rules registration system. This qualification may result in open cabling registration for candidates who undertake:

  • ICTCBL236 Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACMA Restricted Rule
  • ICTCBL237 Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACMA Open Rule
  • ICTWHS204 Follow work health and safety and environmental policies and procedures
  • ICTTEN201 Use electrical skills in telecommunications work.

Structured cabling registration may also be achieved by undertaking the unit ICTCBL301 Install, terminate and certify structured cabling installation.

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