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MEA20518 Certificate II in

Aircraft Line Maintenance

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This qualification is applicable to employees of airlines and other operators of piston, jet and turbo-propeller aircraft and helicopters who are required to hold a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) A Licence to perform and certify a range of specified maintenance tasks that can be performed with the aircraft on a flight line or at the departure gate. On completion of the required maintenance tasks the individual is authorised to release the aircraft to service.

The qualification satisfies CASA requirements for the grant, under Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) Part 66 of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer A Licence when:

  • the skill and knowledge requirements align with CASA syllabus requirements described under ‘Licensing’ in the Companion Volume Implementation Guide
  • training has been delivered in accordance with the requirements of CASR Part 147.
  • The units of competency that comprise this qualification consist of a mix of:

  • common units that are applicable to all of the employment streams covered by the MEA Aeroskills Training Package or are of an administrative nature relating to the CASA A Licence
  • a combination of Avionic, Mechanical and Structures Technical Stream units that apply to the range of tasks performed by the holders of CASA A Licences.

This qualification provides a number of credits towards higher level Aeroskills Certificates and towards the MEA50218 Diploma of Aeroskills (Mechanical) which is required for the grant of a CASA B1 Licence.

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