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PMB40116 Certificate IV in

Polymer Technology

Full time duration: up to 2 years ­  Your fee estimate*:

The PMB40116 Certificate IV in Polymer Technology is intended for senior operators and polymer technicians

The senior operator/technician may be process-based and directly involved in production or they may be based elsewhere, for example, in a laboratory, although they will typically still have functions on the production floor.

The senior operator/technician will be able to apply specialised theoretical and technical knowledge and well developed operations skills in situations that require autonomy, discretion and judgement, such as product and process improvements and trialling.

The senior operator/technician will be able to solve complex problems which require in depth theoretical knowledge combined with an understanding of the production process and equipment.

This qualification applies to the production of a wide range of polymer products and components ranging from consumer products to components to be included in other commercial, industrial or consumer products. Products may be made from a wide range of natural and synthetic polymers covering thermoplastics as well as thermosetting polymers. Production may be long runs of standard products, short runs or ‘one offs’ of specialised products.

For people who require a more generalist qualification covering the application of good manufacturing practice and lean principles see MSS40316 Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices.

There are no specific licences that relate to this qualification. However, units of competency in this qualification may provide the underpinning knowledge and skills required for licences in some jurisdictions. Local regulations should be checked for details.

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