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SFI40611 Certificate IV in

Seafood Industry Sales and Distribution

Full time duration: up to 2 years ­  Your fee estimate*:

This qualification represents the competencies relevant to people working within the retail and/or wholesale sector of the seafood industry in a supervisory or leadership capacity. A person operating at this level may be expected to comply with legislative requirements as well as implement a range of enterprise policies and procedures. They will also use their knowledge and skills to solve problems, plan for future work activities and take responsibility for others.

The qualification will have application for people working:

  • on fishing dockside or aquaculture farm gate outlets or fishout/put-and-take operations
  • for seafood wholesalers, fish markets or retailers
  • for transport, storage and holding companies.
  • Job roles

    Individuals operating at this level will have a broad range of well-developed skills and the ability to adapt and transfer skills to new activities. That person will have some responsibility for decision-making and coordinating team activities.

    Their duties may include:

  • dealing with suppliers
  • handling and basic processing of seafood
  • maintaining food safety, occupational health and safety (OHS) and other compliance requirements
  • packing, labelling, holding or storage and distribution
  • temperature control, including chilling, freezing and deep freezing
  • weighing, grading and quality control
  • wholesale or retail sales.
  • Work may vary between enterprises.

    Job role titles may include

  • sales supervisor
  • senior store person or supervisor
  • shift leaders or managers
  • team leader.

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